Focus of our work

Burgers equation Extension of the reduced basis method to nonlinear time-dependent problems and development of suitable a-posteriori estimators.

Geometry transformation Geometry parametrization and RB treatment by reference mapping.

DG discretization Treatment of more general discretization methods than FEM, in particularly covering Finite Volume or Local Discontinuous Galerkin discretizations, which may involve explicit and implicit operator contributions.

fuel cell Application of the developed methods to linear and nonlinear transport phenomena, e.g. single- or two-phase flow, porous media and fuel-cell related processes.

adaptive grid Basis generation procedures, in particular snapshot-based approaches by suitable parameter-space-sampling schemes, e.g. adaptive grids, etc.

parameter optimization Application of reduced models in sophisticated settings such as parameter optimization.

trajectories Application of Reduced Basis Techniques for parametrized dynamical systems.

RBmatlab <=> DUNE-RB Software development for RB-methodology on both high-level MATLAB tools for interactive use and simulation, as well as efficient high-performance computing C++ implementation for the numerical programming environment DUNE.

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