JaRMoS  1.1
Java Reduced Model Simulations
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Welcome to JaRMoS!

JaRMoS stands for "Java Reduced Model Simulations" and aims to enable import and simulation of various reduced models from multiple sources on any java-capable platform.So far support for rbmatlab, KerMor and rbMIT reduced models is present, where we can only import the rbMIT models that have previously been published with the rbAppMIT Android application.

This software framework was born out of the rbAppMIT Android application developed at MIT by Phuong Huynh and David Knezevic. Since then, most of the code has been restructured and -packaged, cleaned up and extended to the current collection of java projects. However, the core part of JRB is still closely related to the original sources and the authors of JaRMoS claim no copyright and publish those parts under the same license conditions as stated at the original website http://augustine.mit.edu/methodology/methodology_rbAPPmit_Client_Software.htm. Also check out http://augustine.mit.edu/methodology.htm for more background and the current project status.

In order to simply get started, check out the following pages:

If you want to extend JaRMoS or include own models, it will be helpful to understand the overall structure. The framework is separated into the following modules:

Please refer to the JaRMoS license conditions for copyright information.