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Changes and new features in mtoc++

Changelog and new feature list for mtoc++

Here are all the changes/new features sorted by versions of mtoc++:

The repeated occurence of the new features/changes in this specific site below is just due to the fact that the mtoc++ features/changes themselves have to be written down somewhere. Under usual circumstances those tags below would be placed inside the MatLab files/functions/classes where the actual change happened; see the comments from the MatlabDocMaker as an example. So the list below is not necessarily complete, but the sites referenced above contain all new features / changes!
New in 1.5:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2013-07-22) Added a FAQ: faq
Change in 1.5:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2013-06-25) mtocpp_post/postprocess.rl: Increased robustness. If processing a directory, the postprocessor does not completely stop on (rare) parse errors but continues to loop through the directory. This way all files are at least tried to be processed.
New in 1.5:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2013-02-21) Added '*.mex' files to the types of files parsed by default in Doxyfile.template
Change in 1.4:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2012-11-19) mtocpp_post/postprocess.rl: Re-Added the possibility to directly specify a file target instead of a whole folder.
Change in 1.4:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2012-10-17)
  • Using the new css-style from doxygen 1.8 for own docs
  • Added some troubleshooting feedback
  • Checked the CMake procedure on a Mac platform (MacBook pro), worked neatly.
  • Added an extra section Using mtoc++ directly for instructions on how to directly use mtoc++
  • Fixed broken links to MatLab method/property attributes in mtoc++ output
Change in 1.4:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2012-09-27) Optimized compilation under Visual Studio 2010, now can also build the mtoc++ documentation locally.
Change in 1.4:
(Martin Drohmann, 2012-09-27)
  • Added check for HAVE_DOT in
  • Bugfix for function-only M-files reported by Francois Rongere
New in 1.4:
(Martin Drohmann, 2012-02-17)
  • Started mtoc++ 1.4.
  • Added alias for an "events" tag, creating a page of all events in default documentation
  • Changed naming convention for alias-tags new and change as newer doxygen versions seem not to recognize \1\2-like combinations of arguments any more (?) now pages named "newfeat\1_\2" with underscore are created, please update your static references in your misc documentation files
Change in 1.3:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2012-01-16) Changed the SHOW_FILES default value in the doxygen configuration file from "NO" to "YES".
Change in 1.3:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2012-01-16) Bugfix: The setting EXTRA_PACKAGES in the doxygen configuration file was given the wrong path format, as latex follows the unix file separation using only forwardslashes "/", so the inclusion failed on Windows platforms. We fixed this by passing the correctly transformed path. Also a new placeholder "_FileSep_" which is being processed by MatlabDocMaker (any any tools to come) and set to the correct file separator character for your platform.
Change in 1.3:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2012-01-14) Bugfix: Moved the mtoc++ developers page declaration into a separate file inside the tools/config folder, so that error messages like "changelog1:13: warning: unable to resolve reference to `dw' for \ref command" do not appear anymore.
Change in 1.3:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2011-12-08) Bugfix: The CUSTOM_DOC_DIR path is not longer extended by a docs/ folder.
Change in 1.3:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2011-11-29) Added the new fake classes varargin and varargout to the class_substitutes.c file with links to the MatLab online documentation.
New in 1.3:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2011-11-28) Started mtoc++ 1.3.
New in 1.2:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2011-11-27) Reordered the Doxyfile.m4 so that changes from our side are all collected to the bottom. This makes keeping custom settings over different versions easier.
New in 1.2:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2011-11-25) Included a file class_substitutes.c into the config directory that introduces fake classes for common matlab data types.
Change in 1.2:
(Martin Drohmann, 2011-11-17) Updated the test reference files
New in 1.2:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2011-11-07) Created the initial mtoc++ documentation structure
Change in 1.2:
(Daniel Wirtz, 2011-11-07) Reordered the source code files and tools in more concise folders.