KerMor  0.9
Model order reduction for nonlinear dynamical systems and nonlinear approximation
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How To get started

Downloading KerMor

  • Obtain a copy of the main project via git using
    git clone <target_folder> 
  • Enter the <target_folder>
  • Run
    git submodule update -i 
    to checkout KerMor's submodules


When first downloading the KerMor software you need to run the installation script KerMor.setup from the Matlab console. This will set up necessary environment variables and compile any mex functions used within KerMor. You will be asked for some directories during the installation script. Developers checkout the KerMor Development page.

Start of KerMor

KerMor comes with a startup script KerMor.start that initializes the environment at the beginning. On most systems, MatLab searches your (users) home directory for a script


. For convenience, you can add the path of your KerMor source directory to the PATH variable and call KerMor.start directly within that script.

When you stop working with KerMor it is recommended to call KerMor.stop in order to cleanly shut down the application and free resources. However, if you quit matlab after that anyways you dont need to call the stop method.

Working with KerMor

  • Check out the demos package to get an idea of KerMor's basic features
  • See the static
    methods of classes for more code examples