JaRMoS  1.1
Java Reduced Model Simulations
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNjarmosJaRMoS main package
|oNaffineContains classes for affine components
|oNappJaRMoSA main package
|oNgeometryClasses for geometry data handling
|oNioBasic I/O classes to load JaRMoS models
|oNpcJaRMoSPC main package
|oNutilUtility classes
|oNvisualCommon classes for visualization of simulation results
|oCComplexSolutionFieldA solution field with complex values
|oCDefaultSolutionFieldThe default solution field containing an array of real values
|oCFieldDescriptorContains information about the logical solution fields
|oCIMessageHandlerAn interface for classes capable of sending messages
|oCLogProvides a Log class imitating the Android Log class when not used on android systems
|oCLogicSolutionFieldRepresents a logical solution field of a simulation
|oCMathFactoryFactory method to create new RealMatrix instances
|oCModelBaseBase class for all JaRMoSBase models
|oCModelDescriptorRepresents a short description of a model managed by a model manager
|oCModelTypeKnown model types within the JaRMoSBase project
|oCParametersA class for model parameters
|oCSimulationResultRepresents the results of a simulation
|oCSolutionFieldTypeThis enum contains all so far known (to JaRMoSBase) types of logical solution fields
|\CUtilUtility functions
oNkermorJKerMor main package
|oNdscompContains classes for dynamical system components
|oNkernelClasses for kernels and expansions
|oNvisualClasses for visualization of simulation results
|oCDefaultOutputToDoFsDefault implementation for output to DoF conversion
|oCImplicitLinearEulerIntegratorCustom implicit euler integrator class
|oCIOutputToDoFInterface for post-simulation output to DoF conversion
|oCKerMorExceptionCustom exception for JKerMor related errors
|oCReducedModelMain reduced model class
|\CReducedSystemMain reduced dynamical system class
|oNrbm_advecClasses for time-dependent advection/diffusion problem
|oNrbm_advec_cheatbaseClasses for time-dependent advection/diffusion problem with specially fitted basis
|\Nrbm_advec_tcClasses for time-independent advection/diffusion problem
\NrbJRB main package
 oNaffinefcnContains interfaces for affine functions
 oCComplexRBSystemRB system class for complex-valued fields
 oCConstClass with constants used throughout JRB
 oCGetPotUtility helper class from rbAppMIT included for compatibility of rbAppMIT model loading
 oCInconsistentStateExceptionException imported from rbappmit
 oCQNTransientRBSystemThis class provides the Online reduced basis functionality for quadratically nonlinear time-dependent problems
 oCQNTransientSCMSystemBase class for quadratically nonlinear RB systems including the SCM method for error bound computation
 oCrbappmitCustomMeshTransformCompatibility class for old rbAppMIT models with custom mesh/geometry transformations
 oCRBContainerBase class for RB models and systems
 oCRBnSCMCSystemReduced basis SCM system
 oCRBSCMSystemThis class implements the Online stage of the Successive Constraint Method for coercive problems
 oCRBSystemThis class provides the Online stage for the reduced basis method for elliptic steady state problems
 oCSCMTypeEnum containing the known SCM (successive constraint method) model types in JRB
 oCSystemTypeEnum for known RB system types in JRB
 \CTransientRBSystemThis class provides the Online reduced basis functionality for linear parabolic problems