A MATLAB library containing all our reduced simulation approaches for linear and nonlinear, affine or arbitrarily parameter dependent evolution problems with finite element, finite volume or local discontinuous Galerkin discretizations.
You can find the documentation online, in the Git-repository and in the tarball. The package can be obtained from this link as a ZIP archive (Caution: approx. 200 MB including data files and html documentation). Access to the master branch of the git repository can be granted on request.
In addition to the full RBmatlab package, we also provide the script rb_tutorial_standalone.m, wich can be executed without RBmatlab based on precomputed data data_rb_tutorial_standalone.mat. It provides the examples given in the first half of the RB-Tutorial:

B. Haasdonk: Reduced Basis Methods for Parametrized PDEs -- A Tutorial
Introduction for Stationary and Instationary Problems.
Chapter in P. Benner, A. Cohen, M. Ohlberger and K. Willcox
(eds.): "Model Reduction and Approximation: Theory and Algorithms", SIAM,
Philadelphia, 2017.

This is also available as preprint under this link.