mtoc++  1.5
mtoc++: Doxygen filter for MatLab .m files
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mtoc++ 1.5 Software Documentation


The mtoc++ software comprises two programs to build nice Doxygen documentation for Matlab projects.

The filter program 'mtocpp' transforms relevant parts of the M-Files into C++ syntax, which can be parsed by doxygen. The generated html files can be processed by the program 'mtocpp_post' in order to generate documentation looking more like Matlab.

Short mtoc++ feature list:

See the examples.Class class for detailed examples on how to use mtoc++ with Matlab. The documentation has been created using mtoc++.



For all available downloads check Downloading mtoc++ 1.5. The most current (official) release can be downloaded below.

This documentation can also be downloaded as (doxygen/mtoc++ generated) PDF.
Release 1.5 (27-07-2015)