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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NAbstractModelAbstract OOP model implementation interface
 NAREImplementation of the parametric algebraic Riccati equation
 NDAREImplementation of the parametric discrete-time algebraic Riccati equation
 NGreedyCustomizable implementation of an abstract greedy algorithm
 NLinEvolReduced basis implementation for linear evolution equations
 NLinStatReduced basis implementation for linear stationary PDEs
 NNonlinEvolReduced basis implementation for non-linear evolution equations
 NParameterSamplingParameter sampling sets
 NPostprocessTools for post-processing data, i.e. data extraction and visual enhancements for publication
 NSnapshotsGeneratorCacheable generators of detailed data snapshots
 NTestTest reduced basis implementation
 CBasisGenDescrStruct with control fields for the reduced basis generation
 CCacheableObjectClass which wraps an object pointer to an object that is stored somewhere on the hdd (in a cache)
 CcubegridA hierarchical cubegrid of arbitrary dimension
 Cdare_advection_diffusionImplicit Euler discretization of a finite-difference convection-diffusion model
 CfemdiscfuncClass representing a continous piecewise polynomial function of arbitrary dimension. DOFS correspond to the values of Lagrange-nodes
 CfeminfoStructure representing the fem-space information shared by all fem-functions. Implemented as handle class, in order to be linked into df-classes
 CgridbaseBase class for all grid classes
 CIDetailedDataInterface class for the generation and storage of reduced basis spaces as described in Module (M2)
 CIDetailedModelThis is the interface for a detailed model providing methods to compute high dimensional simulation snapshots
 CILocalizedOperatorInterface for a localized operator that fulfills the so-called \(H\)-independent DOF dependence
 CIModelThis is the common interface for all models, detailed and reduced ones
 CIReducedDataInterface class for the generation and storage of offline matrices and vectors as described in Module (M3)
 CIReducedModelThis is the interface for a reduced model providing methods to compute low dimensional reduced simulations based on a priori generated reduced basis spaces
 CldgdiscfuncLdg shape functions implementation
 CldginfoStructure for the information of a ldg-function
 CMatlabDocMakerMatlabDocMaker: Class for information & tasks concerning the UQ-RB-Test documentation
 CModelDataStruct with high dimensional data needed for a high dimensional simulation
 CModelDescrStruct with control fields for the analytical PDE functions, the discretization and the parametrization
 ConedgridOne dimensional grid implementation
 CRbfInterpolantImplements rbf interpolation by thin plate splines or gaussian
 CrectgridA cartesian rectangular grid in two dimensions with axis parallel elements
 CSimpleDetailedDataVery simple detailed data implementation gathering several detailed snapshots spanning the reduced basis space
 CStokesReducedDataWrapperWrapper-class for reduced data containing big data
 CtriagridA triangular conforming grid in two dimensions
 CXPartMapGeometric tree where every nodes has geometry information attached